making clothes, taking notes.

Notes from writing a dissertation:'Clothed Landscape of Memories' by Anna -Marie RAUNIO #2


'Handmade clothes are remembered: wearing a pullover knitted specially for you is a deeply touching experience. The aim of this paper is to discuss memories of clothing, in the context of craft.'

'... my basic definition is that clothing is a human environment.' (p.62)


'...the prospect-refuge theory presented by geographer Appleton.' (1975, 1988)


' unimpeded opportunity to see and observe is called a prospect; and opportunity to hide, a refuge.'(p.62)


'... more intimate of it’s kind, when compared with the buit environment, for instance. Clothes, also, present the kind of intimacy individuals have with their home or favorite place.'(p 63)


'... Clothing, in this sense, is a means for achieving general inner goals of everyday life.' (p 64)


'... in a strict sense it is not a theory but an attempt to conceptualize the ways people respond to environments.'(p 65)


'...The basic idea is to ’see without being seen.'(p 65)




”Designing and making clothes is a way of constructing a personal landscape, an environment meeting personal needs of the wearer.” from "clothed landscape of memories" The design journal, volume 10 issue 2. By Anna-Mari RAUNIO. University of Joensuu, Finland.