-The Makers Shirt -

A translation of a well lived garment - The classic Levi's two-pocket shirt, which my Dad got on one of his road trips to The U.S. as a young carpenter and soon to be, architect.

Wearing it throughout continuous seasons and years as a casual summer shirt, it ended up evolving into 'work wear'.  Recognized as the life of a carpenters shirt.

It's indigo dye fading, shades of blue becoming endless. Bleached marks from the sun on his shoulders. Darker shades underneath and above. Leaving marks and hints. Pocket flip, backside and collar. 

Areas becoming thin as muslin, and as I grew older, reasons to make my monthly 'pocket money' - patch for patch, with my humble customer's hope in mind, extending it's life - if not entirely, then just some.

The piece is a tribute to the life of a well loved garment, the wholeness of a cloth when worn out and felt out. Emerged with it's wearers identity. 


 Two pieces of these handmade honey washed cotton shirts left, size 36 and 38.

A tribute to the original shirt.

A replica version 

Handmade in Denmark.

Soft, loose fit / Straight cut.